Shenzhen Kailianda Group Co., Ltd. has developed a series of large and noble residences such as Bihai Yuntian, Yujing Oriental and Bihuating Residence; developed a series of urban boutiques such as Yujing Huacheng, Shanhaijiayuan, Oriental Garden and Phoenix Impression. Apartment; developed a series of resource villa projects such as Tiantao Dongdi Park, Jingji·Lufu (Beijing), Jingji•Field (Tianjin), etc.; developed Jingji 100, Xiyue • Jingji City (Zhanjiang) and other The series of large-scale urban complex projects has formed a rich product line and covers the development of various formats such as residential, commercial, hotel and office buildings.

If the development of real estate over the years has made the deep Kailianda Group gradually clear and stable, then the driving force for success comes from the ambition of the Bucheon Group to create a classic of the society!

Kailianda Group adheres to the corporate mission of "concerning social life, pursuing quality of life and creating a century-old Habitat Classic", providing customers with high-quality, professional products and services. It has been awarded by the Ministry of Construction and the Shenzhen Municipal Government for many years. Class awards enjoy a high reputation in the industry.